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Book Cover Design

A book cover can make the difference between a potential reader picking up a book or passing by it. Book design is an important part of the publishing process that’s why we recently shared a link to Lit Hub’s article “The 75 Best Book Covers of 2018”.

The online graphic design company Design Wizard has also recently taken a look at book cover design and has come up with “The 100 Most Creative Book Cover Ideas”. Design Wizard has identified 100 book covers that stand apart from the rest across multiple genres and they explain why.

It was hard to choose but our favourites from Design Wizard’s list include George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 where such a simple cover aptly portrays the Big Brother theme of the book while also presenting the title.

The dog ear feature on Lee Tulloch’s novel Fabulous Nobodies draws you in to turn the page and learn more about the silhouette of a woman that is so prominently featured on the cover, but also so non-descript.

We also like Lili Wright’s Dancing with the Tiger for being so vibrant and engaging while reflecting the untrustworthiness of the book’s characters.

There are definitely some great picks on this list that can help inspire new design ideas. You can check out the entire list on the Design Wizard blog.